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Initial Phone Call Interview

During this phone call, Randy will find out more about your project and acquire a better understanding of the outcome you would like to achieve. Do you have an ideal start date? What do you plan on investing in your home to meet your goals? With Glenview BuildMax Construction’s 20-year residential and commercial remodeling and renovation experience, we can guide you in making the best decisions for short and long-term investments.

Glenview Best Rough Carpentry Company



Our framers, which are rough framing carpenters, will cut the lumber for the walls and subfloors, based on the architectural design. They will measure the door spaces and windows for the purpose of attaching studs and joists, then trusses for the roof.



As General Contractor, we provide all framing projects throughout Glenview areas. From initial project planning, to entitlement processing, to placing the concrete and raising the walls – we can handle every aspect of your next concrete and framing project.

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Glenview New Construction Contractors



Glenview custom home building and new construction can be challenging for some families to overcome. From determining budgets to finding a suitable property, custom home design and construction isn’t something you should manage without help. 



Your house needs a whole new look! A room addition will completely transform the style and character of your home. With good design we can blend your addition into the original style! That’s an art and we will make it happen. Home additions can be as simple as a new bedroom.

Glenview Home Additions Contractors
Glenview Concrete Work Services



We Specialize in Residential and Commercial Concrete Work and Site throughout Glenview. Our Project Completions over the years include, but are not limited to: Stadiums, Private and Public Schools, Airports, Recreation Centers, Office Buildings, Retail Shops, Banks and etc.



Brick or clay patio pavers are durable, eco-friendly, and affordable. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to match your aesthetic, and can be sealed to prevent fading. We are happy to walk our clients through the process of paver installation.

Glenview Brick and Patio Pavers Installer

Keeping Your Budget & Schedule in Mind


With any Glenview construction project, two of the biggest concerns

are sticking with the budget and finishing the project on time. Our BuildMax General Construction team of professionals works very hard to ensure that both of those things happen. We are always conscious of your desired schedule and make sure that we plan accordingly. Our long-time construction experience anticipates unforeseen issues that might occur.

On any major concrete driveway replacement, building materials

is one of the biggest expenditures, but it is also one of the biggest opportunities to save. At Glenview BuildMax Construction Company, we have been named one of Direct Buy’s Preferred Contractors. As such, we can offer our membership discount directly to our customers. This will ensure that you get the best possible deal on all building materials available through this resource. This is a great way to help your building project within your budget. Contact Us to Request a Quote Today!



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