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New Construction
Framing & Rough Carpentry
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Professional New Home Construction & Home Additions Northbrook & Nearby Suburbs

We, Buildmax Home Builders Northbrook team, have been assisting customers with house additions, room additions, and new construction projects for more than two decades. We like assisting clients in obtaining the space they require through home additions that leave Northbrook residents speechless. Our home builders can also assist you with designing and building a new home from the concept to completion. Our team of home addition contractors is dedicated to designing and constructing homes of the greatest quality and to your great delight. 

Skilled house builders of Buildmax Home Builders here in Northbrook can help you get your project off to a solid start with excavation, disassembly, and foundation work, as well as framing carpentry and rough carpentry. We distinguish ourselves from other custom home builders by personally handling each job and only using the best equipment and materials available. Contact us to know more about the new home construction and house addition that Northbrook residents are raving about!

custom home builders Chicago home builders Chicago

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Home additions

Instead of buying a new home, our custom home builders can help you design and build a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting home addition for the extra storage you need. Inquire with us right now if you have any inquiries about house and room additions; Northbrook continuously praises!

new home construction Chicago home builders Chicago

New Construction

Buildmax Home Builders Northbrook builds your dream home from the ground up, taking your concept into a reality. We're a team of highly skilled house builders dedicated to exceeding industry standards and your pleasure. We take pride in offering high-quality new home construction in Northbrook.

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Framing Carpentry & Rough Carpentry

We provide rough carpentry and framing carpentry services to help you get your project right as your home addition contractors here in Northbrook. Decades of work expertise, and the highest-quality materials and tools, set us apart from other Northbrook home builders. Don't hesitate to contact us!


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At Buildmax Home Builders we have the most experienced professionals in new home construction, house addition, rough carpentry, and framing carpentry Northbrook. We know how to build your new home just the way you want it. You can opt for the best-looking room additions Northbrook has seen, that will help you make the best use of your space. Call today and take advantage of our affordable prices with a free estimate.

Reasons To Hire Our Home Builders Northbrook & Nearby Suburbs
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If you’re spending your money on a house, why not get just what you imagined? We have the expert custom home builders Northbrook potential homeowners need to say yes to. Don’t spend money on costly renovations to achieve the house you want. Have it built your way from scratch by the most experienced house builders Northbrook has to offer, and make your dreams a reality.

Future Proofing

An advantage of hiring custom home builders Northbrook locals notice, is their ability to integrate power-efficiency elements and contemporary construction trends. You will also be sure that your place is free of hidden issues that could require costly future repairs. When looking for a high-quality result, trust only our professionals. We know what it takes to build a solid home that won’t lose its value due to poor craftsmanship.


A blank space for construction provides infinite possibilities to plan your ideal home and outdoor setting. Our goal is to give our clients complete power of decision-making over their new house layout. We have the service for new house construction Northbrook property owners need in order to attain the space they desire. We can incorporate a yard or garden and blend it with the house structure to achieve beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.


Being backed up by the house builders Northbrook residents trust ensures you’ll only get high-quality materials for your construction. You can feel confident that we’ll work hard to provide you with a stable structure that can endure over time. We make use of the best brands and products on the construction market, to bring you the peace of mind that your house is solid and will stand the test of time.