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Framing & Rough Carpentry
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Buildmax Home Builders Naperville
Professional New Home Construction & Home Additions Naperville & Nearby Suburbs

For more than two decades, Buildmax Home Builders Naperville consistently and dedicatedly supports Naperville residents with home additions and new construction projects. Our team of skilled home builders is committed to providing the utmost quality of service to meet and exceed the client’s required and expected level of quality designing and constructing homes. Our custom home builders assist clients in obtaining the area they require through house additions. From designing to building a new home construction from the roots up, you can rely on us.

With excavating, dismantling, and foundation work, as well as framing carpentry and rough carpentry, our team of highly experienced house builders can help you get your project off to a strong start. We differentiate ourselves from other home addition contractors here in Naperville by personally attending to each work and only using the best materials and tools available. Contact us to know more about Naperville’s favorite new home construction, home additions, and room additions! We got you!

custom home builders Chicago home builders Chicago

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Home additions

Rather than purchasing a new home, our custom home builders Naperville may assist you in designing and constructing a picturesque, useful, and long-lasting home addition to provide the extra storage you require. If you have queries concerning room and house additions, Naperville residents consistently praise, contact us!

new home construction Chicago home builders Chicago

New Construction

Buildmax Home Builders Naperville takes your vision into a reality. We take pride in delivering new home construction that Naperville can count on! We are a team of highly skilled house builders dedicated to upholding the best industry standards and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

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Framing Carpentry & Rough Carpentry

Our home addition contractors specialize in residential and commercial rough carpentry and framing carpentry Naperville to help you get started with your venture. Years of career experience, as well as the most up-to-date technology and materials, set us apart from other Naperville home builders.


Start Your Home Additions or New Construction Project with Buildmax Home Builders Naperville!

Buildmax is the company for premium home building and house additions, and the top service for framing carpentry and rough carpentry Naperville market offers. We have the house builders Naperville future homeowners need to achieve the house of their dreams. We also perform useful home additions that blend with your house to look amazing and maximize your space. All this for the most competitive prices in the area. Contact us and get your free estimate!

Reasons To Hire Our Home Builders Naperville & Nearby Suburbs
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When investing in a house, it might be wise to get it just the way you want it. With new construction, the best home builders Naperville has can design it according to your particular style and way of living. You won’t need further renovations to achieve the space you want, we can have it done just as you pictured it from the start. We are the custom home builders Naperville residents trust for their new building projects.

Future Proofing

Hire the best service for new home construction Naperville when you want to incorporate innovative energy-efficient features into your home, and build it with up-to-date techniques. Opt for a space where you don’t have to stress about invisible damage that could surprise you in the future. Leave your projects in our expert hands, and we’ll provide you with a stable structure that will keep its worth for decades.


A vacant lot grants a myriad of options for home and outdoors planning. This is a way for us to give you the chance to have control over the design of your new home. With the help of the house builders Naperville locals trust, you can plan your layout the way you prefer. We’ll add a garden or patio that can give you a fresh look when looking through your windows.


When you trust our expert professionals for your custom home building, you can feel secure in knowing we only work with the highest-quality materials. Our goal is to ensure that your home is strong enough for generations. We choose the best-rated products, and we have the top house builders Naperville offers. This ensures that your construction will stay strong for decades to come.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Home Additions Naperville To Increase Your Living Space

There are many reasons why you may be considering getting home additions Naperville. Regardless of this you should always go with experts in the field to help you. The home addition contractors Naperville we provide are knowledgeable about every aspect dealing with room additions Naperville. We make the most out of your space and create an area that is functional and more useful for you and your family. Allow our house builders Naperville to create a custom design for you that will make your home stand out like never before. We are dependable craftsmen who specialize in new home construction Naperville projects that stand the test of time. Get in contact with us today to hear more about how we can take the vision you have for your home and make it into a reality.

Tell Us Your Vision and Let Our Home Builders Naperville Make It a Reality

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If you feel unsure about your home addition project, you might need a hand from the expert home addition contractors Naperville locals trust. We will advise you on how to achieve the best look for your house. With our help, you can have a clear picture of what you want, and we will make it happen. We have the best custom home builders Naperville offers, who make use of their skills and professionalism to deliver amazing-looking custom houses. Whether your goal is to increase your home’s value or make the most out of your current space, you will be certain you made the right decision. 

We work with honesty, commitment, and meticulous planning in every stage of our home addition projects. We are committed to providing the highest-quality home additions that stay strong through time. That makes us the number one company for house additions Naperville has!

Why Choosing Our Home Builders Naperville
Is The Best Option For Your New Home

House Builders
You Can Believe In

Buildmax Home Builders Naperville are experienced and knowledgeable professionals in new home builders Naperville that have constructed hundreds of dream homes in the Naperville village. With our customer-centric approach, you could opt to have us build your home on one of our lots, one you have already selected, or one we can help you locate that corresponds to your needs and spending plan.

We Construct Dream
Custom Homes

We will develop your perfect new home construction Naperville. We will cooperate with you to fulfill your goal. One of our design consultants will visit your house to discuss the objectives of your project. Together, we'll be able to determine the requirements and goals unique to your project and provide ideas for optimizing style and flow within your budget. You may rely on us in any house construction circumstance.

Professional Team For New Home Construction

To guarantee that the construction of your new house runs as swiftly and effectively as practical, we work closely with you from the beginning. Our approach as a team enhances collaboration and communication. If you are looking Naperville custom house designer for new construction, you will be pleased you contacted us. We are always there to fulfill your desires for a new house.

Do You Want A New Room Addition Naperville?
There Are The Most Important Benefits Of Room Addition Naperville In Your House!

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Here are a few of the major advantages of room additions Naperville:

  • Fewer Inexpensive And Less Frustrating Than Moving
    Room additions Naperville offer a more pragmatic and cost-effective method of acquiring the much-required extra space. Additionally, they save you the trouble of searching for the appropriate property elsewhere. Although installing a room might take up to six weeks or a few months, moving can be a prolonged and arduous process.
  • Essential Additional Space
    You might already have a newborn in your home or be expecting another one. Adding an additional bedroom is one of the easiest improvements you can make to your home, particularly if it has two floors. Do not allow a family home to be abandoned due to the absence of accommodation. If you want more room for a kitchen table or a kitchen island with a breakfast bar, you should make your kitchen more visually beautiful and functional. To recuperate after a hard day, you can pick a larger bathroom.
  • Increased House Values
    According to home addition contractors Naperville, deciding to conduct home additions is a smart way to raise the value of your property. If you’re planning a room extension or a whole home overhaul, you have no plans to move anytime soon. Your anticipated return on the property will increase over time until the housing market has completely recovered.
  • Custom-Made Space
    You have full authority over the construction and design of the room in accordance with your vision. Because you may choose to use it as an office, a library, or a family room, you will personalize its size and layout to meet your own needs.